Aussie thoughts on American Consumerism


Allow me to set the stage. I am chatting online with my dear friend from Australia (whom God has amazing placed in my life!) and I tell her that I had a snack earlier because I was at target and they have good popcorn in there. She knows what target is because, believe it or not, there are targets in Australia (funny as that is) but is confused that they have a café. And here is her response…

What the..

So after you try on cheaper jeans because you are not spending $150 on Saba until you’ve lost weight, you look in the mirror and go nup, I know I’ll make myself feel better and grab popcorn

so they still get you to spend in their shop

haaa haaa


I am speechless at their marketing prowess

Just thought I would share some perspective (and some random entertainment) with you.

Here’s to dreaming of pedicured toes in Australian sand…


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