I hate to admit it, but I am becoming a cat person. I have always loved dogs. Although I don’t dislike them, I think cats can tell that I am not one of those people that absolutely love them. However, I think I may be becoming a cat person while staying with my friends who have two.

M took to me pretty quickly and tonight he climbed up on my lap, then chest, then as I was petting him he got real close up to my face. Since he sometimes likes to affectionately nip at you I got a little concerned about the proximity of his face to mine… then, all of the sudden he licked my nose. He proceeded to bury his face in my chest and let me continue to pet his ears and face.

L took a little longer to warm-up to me, but eventually came to like me. She is an attention monger and shakes her tail at you when she thinks she is not getting enough consideration. Since my friends are out of town and she is even more desperate for attention she climbed up on my bed and let me pet her for about 20 minutes while I was on the phone, leaving a wake of her dark hair on the white sheets.

I have not lacked entertainment with the two of them around. They both even “helped” me pack today.


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