Leaving on a Jetplane


I leave Colorado Springs at 6:20am. Then Dallas at 10:30am. Then Tampa at 3:10pm. Then Miami at 6:30pm. I finally land in Santiago at 9:30pm, go through customs, and then take a taxi to Monte Cristi. I expect to arrive in Monte Cristi around midnight, possibly later. Please pray for safe travel and logistical details – baggage arriving, easy passage through customs, etc.


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  1. AP
    So sad we didn’t get to see you before you left. Know we will be praying for you, that God will use you mightily in the DR. You are a very special part of our lives and we Praise God for you! We will be watching your blog to keep up. We love you! Jan and Tom

  2. We pray for your safe travel and arrival.

    Enjoy yourself, be smart & be safe. Enjoy your work too!

    We will miss you.

    I’m not much on Blogs…. but email me once and a while.

    Love, Uncle R.

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