One Year Ago Today


I was still working at Compassion International in the US.
New started to come-in about the earth quake in Haiti and the gravity of the situation.
I worried about my beloved Harvery, whom I sponsor through Compassion.
I waited anxiously for my co-worker and friend, Dan, to be pulled from the rubble.
I was dumbfounded and numbed by the distatrous consequences of not just nature, but of extreme poverty.
I can’t write without feeling the emotions rush back in – the uncertainty and sorrow were so heavy.
Dan was rescued, but David was not. After three of the longest months, I received the joyous news that Harvery and her family were alive and well.
Today, so much is different. Time has passed. I live in a different country, doing different work. Recovery has begun in Haiti, although there is still much to be done.
My heart still aches to see my beloved one, to see her smile and hold her close.
My heart is hopeful.


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