Fun Surprise

DSC01231 by amandapandatheblog

A few weeks ago I came over to Jaibon to check on how the week was going at this site, say hello, and meet the volunteers. To my great delight, there where volunteers here whom I already knew.

Matt, Josh, and Luke went on the first junior high missions trip I led. We went to Jamaica with almost 50 junior high students to partner with YWAM. That was a great trip, challenging in a lot of ways, but we saw many good things happen – for the students, for the people there, and in my own life.

It did my heart so much good to see these young men and hear about how that trip had impacted and what they are up to now. I am so proud of them and so grateful for this opportunity to catch-up!


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  1. What a great experience for all of you. The Lord sends you little reminders of the importance of the work you do and it’s lasting effects on the lives of those whose souls you touch.
    Con carino, mamacita

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