A Letter to God About Child Sponsorship


***This is the 2nd assignment for Compassion Blog Month. The request was to write a letter to God about Child Sponsorship – to get personal and forget you are blogging it. For anyone else, I might would have ignored it, but for Compassion, the ministry that is so close to my heart and I love so dearly…

Please give me a lot of grace as you read this very personal letter that I share here in the hopes of helping you understand Compassion’s ministry and encouraging you to sponsor a child.***


Dear Papi,

Help me to be a better sponsor and correspondent.

I love all of these children so much and I know you love them even more.

I am grateful that you chose them for me and me for them. You ordained this relationship and I want to fulfill it in a way that brings you glory and pleases you.

You know their hearts and needs more intimately than I, and you are truly the one who can give them the desires of their hearts. I am grateful that I get to play a small part in their story and that I am also not the one who is the star or responsible to do it all by myself.

I’m also so grateful for Compassion and their ministry to children and what you allow them to do and do through them.

I pray that you would bless each one of my children. That you would walk with them, cloak them in your security. I pray that you would mark them, that they would be light and salt, that they would be secure in knowing they are loved by you. I pray for hearts afire and lives that are transformed. I pray for joy and security under your wing. I pray for sweet moments shared through letters and face to face.

I give them to you, because they are yours. And I give me to you too.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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