A Letter From a Sponsored Child


Today marks the end of Compassion International’s blog month.

For the last assignment, they asked us to write a letter as if we were a sponsored child. I wasn’t going to do this assignment, but I decided it was kind of like a creative writing exercise and I liked the idea of exercising that muscle, so…

To give you context, I wrote this from view point of a child just entered in the sponsorship program, writing their sponsor for the first time, completely unhindered by what is best or correct to say.


Dear Sponsor,

I love you! Do you love me? You must or why did you chose me? Will you write me a lot? Will you ever visit? Dare I hope for that much?! Will you send me a present?

What are you like? It is hard for me to imagine…

What is your life like? It must be very different and strange…

Why do you sponsor me? I don’t even really know what that means, let alone understand why…

My heart is open and I will tell you many things if you only ask… I am waiting for you to tell me who I am to you; to help write part of my story along with the Author of all things.

With love, Your Sponsored Child


If you don’t sponsor a child through Compassion, will you please consider doing so today? I dare say you cannot resist if you click over and look their photos and bios. 🙂


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