Writing your sponsored child is spiritual warfare


[For context: I sponsor a few children through Compassion Int. and correspond with another handful. Writing your sponsored child is encouraged as a key component of sponsorship.]

Why does it seem so hard? It should be simple – a few words, encouragement, love, and done – you have written your sponsored child. There are a lot of reasons and excuses that get in the way of writing our sponsored children – endless demands we face on our time chief among them…

As I read my children’s latest letters, responded, and prayed for them, I was really encouraged. I had been putting off doing it for awhile (which I hate to admit here – I am guilty!). As I finally began, I realized what joy it was creating in my heart. This made me begin to ponder why it can seem so hard to write letters to my sponsored children, even for a person who loves pretty stationary and writing notes.

We have the opportunity to speak truth and light of Jesus into dark places. The children we sponsor are fighting lies and strongholds of the enemy just as we are, and how much more so when living in poverty. The lie of poverty says: you don’t matter; no one cares about you; you aren’t worth anything. And a simple letter that says, I love you; I care for you; I believe in you; God has a great plan for your life; has the ability to shatter those lies.


Marianela, age 14, my sponsored child from Colombia

Just reading your sponsored child’s letter builds real relationship with them. As we understand their life, say a short prayer over their prayer requests, and take a few minutes to reply, bonds are forged. Lies can be torn down and lives can be changed – including our own.

There are great treasures for us to encounter as we read letters from our sponsored children. I received a letter today from Marianela, my sponsored child from Colombia who is 14, in which she shared a verse with me that pierced my heart. It was a Word from the Lord for exactly where I am today. A definite answer to prayer. I had to stop reading momentarily and thank God for speaking to me in this way. I am humbled at how much my sponsored children pray for me – sometimes for requests that I shared years ago.

So, I leave you, dear reader, with this thought…. If you sponsor a child, take five minutes to write them today. If you don’t sponsor a child – you are missing out on both receiving and giving real blessings! Don’t miss out anymore!

As a side note, I love the updated online tool that Compassion has to write letters. It makes my life a lot easier in terms of keeping track of past letters, knowing how much and what I have written to my sponsored child in the past, and allows for color photos as well as pretty stationary, all of which make me happy! 🙂


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