“My” dog



This is Lala.

She belongs to Monchi, a neighbor I play basketball with sometimes.

But I am stealing her from him. She likes me better anyways. ;)

I first met her one of her first days with Monchi, when she was a tiny little pup. It was the morning after my dad had told me he had to put down his dog. And she crawled into my lap and settled there and gave me kisses. And I was done.

Writing more…


It is my intention to write more. 

Not so much as a form of keeping in touch, because it is my sincere hope that if you would like to keep in touch, we would talk on the phone, Skype, iMessage, e-mail, write letters, or send smoke signals. :) So if you desire to be in touch with me, please do! I love hearing from friends and family and despite the fact that I am very happy, living overseas, far away, can be challenging and has it’s lonely moments. 

But I will keep writing here as an outlet, to entertain myself, because sometimes I like to think that I am humorous, and as an attempt to share some things that are happening here that you might not find out otherwise, even if we are in touch. 

So, look forward to more updates here. 

And, also, I started a new blog that is just fun and won’t take too much effort. It may have been the result of too much coca-cola, salsa, and game playing at 1 am, but who can say? It also may be more funny if you were there, but it may be entertaining even if you weren’t.

Check it out – The Quotebowl

Mucho love, Panda

Body Surfing


One of the great things about living in Monte Cristi is that we are located very close to several beaches.

One of those beaches is El playa detras del Morro where the view is stunning and there are often big waves.

Yesterday afternoon we went to hang-out at the beach and the group was body surfing… my first and probably last experience.

After trying a few times I caught a big wave which eventually pulled me under and I got pounded by the following two waves and almost lost my swimsuit! The upside is that my sinuses are more clear than ever.

I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon from my towel, taking in the sun and listening to the waves while reading.

This morning I swept up the 2 lbs of sand I brought home with me inside my suit.

Outreach360 news


Hi there!

Things in the Dominican are going great! Busy at work as normal. We are spending a lot of time in these quieter months of April and May on marketing for our summer program and fundraising for our Learning Center.

We recently made a video about our program and my participation in the TMLP and you can see it here -

P.S. Aren’t you impressed I learned how to embed a youtube video :)